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A cloud based IoT energy management company + an interactive experiences OS company


Imagine being responsible for hundreds of assorted devices running different types of custom software, all being used and potentially abused by visitors. (If this is you, please ask us to introduce you directly to our client!) However, for this product to scale required modernization of their infrastructure, deployment pipelines, and orchestration of cloud assets.


Rivers Agile helped this client on their journey from in-house skunkworks project to a commercial product. Technologies included Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Elastic Cloud, Kibana, and various deployment tools.

A different company conceived a product that scaled up the concept of a “smart plug” to large organizations who want to use IoT technology to save costs on their electricity bills. They further wanted to expand these demand-side energy management capabilities to the energy marketplace itself, including utilities and wholesale traders.


Rivers Agile was instrumental in helping this client with their product roadmap, managing work streams involving mixed vendors, cloud architecture, data ingestion at scale, and implementation of cloud components.

Edge IoT


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