Use AI to make design decisions that maximize retail sales, influence product placement and enhance customer experience.

How it works

01 Design – Create virtual design experiences that have assets of interest embedded.

02 Test – Create experiments to test hypotheses and conduct trials.

03 Learn – Combine and analyze the journey re-ports into final research report.

>> Understand how your customers will interact with your layout or design.

>> Make design decisions based on the participant’s feedback and sensor data.

Business and Layout Outcomes

You can expect to gain the following advantages by testing before you build!

>> Identify user behavior inside the stores and how product positioning affects the purchase decision.

>> Make better design decisions based upon direct and indirect feedback.

>> Gain a better understanding of what your customer is looking for, what they want, and what they need.

>> Impact revenue by changing the design layout or altering product placement based upon experiment results.

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+ Virtual Training and Workshops

+ Virtual Experience User Testing

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+ In-Store Experience Simulation

+ Meeting/Conference VR Enhancement

+ VR Instrumentation Behavior Metrics

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