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Working with the oil and gas industry, we find remarkable engineering innovation below the earth’s surface. Above the surface, however, opportunities abound to automate, integrate, and modernize antiquated technology. This is where all the human work occurs, and with that comes inefficiency, opportunity for error, and safety risks.


Our client is a service provider to the industry and is investing in modernizing their technology to make their operations safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Their operations involve sending tools to specified depths to gather data, detonate small explosives, and perform other tasks. Operators receive complex instructions from different sources and then need to execute commands on various third-party and homegrown systems, which are poorly integrated.


Rivers Agile developed custom software to capture the job specifications from the cloud and guide the operator through the steps necessary to execute them. It integrates with various field devices and streams the device and operational data to the cloud, giving interested parties visibility into job status, efficiency, and performance.

Field Technology
Field Technology
Field Technology


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