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Kaarta, the innovator of real-time mobile 3D reality capture, transforms the real world into its digital twin with unprecedented speed, fidelity and ease. Kaarta’s patented and patent-pending technology, rooted in advanced robotics, is a fast track from capture to answer, streamlining workflow, reducing time, lowering cost and providing a new level of understanding of spaces for humans and autonomous machines alike. Now the spectrum of stakeholders from facilities planners to managers, to natural resource management professionals and mobile robotics developers can work from the same truth.

Kaarta Cloud offloads the heavy lifting of the crucial processing of large 3D datasets. It offers the horsepower of an ultra high performance parallel-processed network to tackle the load of processing massive reality capture files, far surpassing the compute power available on any local workstation or Kaarta device.


Rivers Agile worked with Kaarta over a 3 year period. Our first engagement was an assessment on the architecture and design of Kaarta Cloud, an order request and fulfillment system that houses their client’s point cloud data and enables Kaarta to offer additional services. The scope of our assessment included security concerns, scalability, AWS best practices, and guidance on GDPR.


The assessment resulted in an actionable and prioritized list of recommendations, many of which we implemented on subsequent engagements. Alongside this implementation, Rivers Agile contributed to development work on their cloud product.

Reality Capture
Reality Capture


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