It’s been quite an adventure since late June when we were selected as a Tech50 finalist for “Solutions Provider of the Year”. For those of you unfamiliar with the event (and award), The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech50 Awards honors technology innovation in our region. It’s touted as a celebration of the most successful and innovative companies in Southwestern Pennsylvania. And it’s a BIG deal. Being a finalist in this competitive category only shines a greater spotlight on the craftsmanship and dedication that we are known for. And, it spurs something greater, like an eagerness to raise the proverbial bar. We did great work in 2018, but it has been exponentially greater in 2019.

Want to know what our acceptance speech would have been? It would have acknowledged our fine engineers and our inspired clients. To sum it up for you – we’re damn proud of our team, our clients and our work. Rivers Agile was built by engineers, for engineers. We create meaningful software for clients who respect our craft and appreciate our perspective. We like to say that we don’t just build a piece of software, but partner with our clients to conceptualize and develop REAL solutions. Or as we say it, an “engineering first mindset” where clients look to us to be the problem solvers and more recently, that client was BRYTE Labs.

Over the past year, Rivers Agile has had the pleasure of working with BRYTE Labs in a Quality Assurance capacity. BRYTE believes that rather than fight evolutionary biology, embrace it with modern technology to transform our sleep experiences. The BRYTE team of sleep scientists and technologists combine expertise in AI technology and sleep science to reimagine how we sleep. With that, they founded BRYTE, bringing together technologists, sleep scientists, bed experts, and evangelists who are driven by a core mission of harnessing technology to help reunite humanity with sleep. The responsive sleep experience provided by the BRYTE BED™ features Dynamic Temperature, Lighting, and Active Coils, as well as Wave Motion, that keeps you at the perfect temperature, soothes pressure points and dynamically adjusts to support your every move, minimizing disruptions and maximizing your sleep quality for longer, deeper and more restful sleep.

These dynamic user controls are managed through AIDEN Sleep Service, an application that acts as your AI-driven personal sleep expert. Using artificial intelligence, AIDEN learns from preferences (temperature, support, lighting, bed and wake time) to tracking, analyzing and improving the sleep experience. Based upon this data, AIDEN provides expert tips from leaders in sleep science and personalized trends compared against the larger community of BRYTE sleepers data. All of this in an effort to constantly update and enhance the sleep experience over time.

Prior to beginning our partnership in September of 2018, the BRYTE mobile application powered by Aiden Sleep AI had no existing manual testing infrastructure for the BRYTE BED or the AIDEN Sleep Service. Without this structured testing, there existed undetected defects within the mobile application and those defects presented real risks that threatened Bryte’s market launch, application adoption, and future success. As part of the engagement, Rivers Agile QA Analysts reduced those potential failures by identifying key defects through software testing. Rivers Agile was able to review sets of functionality and more fully qualify the state of the programming. This independent and objective view of the software application’s status provided insight into the system’s strengths and weaknesses – allowing developers and engineers to focus on what they do best, optimizing the BRYTE BED and AIDEN Sleep AI user experience.

To provide the highest level of both qualitative and quantitative software testing, an actual BRYTE BED was installed within the Rivers Agile offices. Over the entire length of the engagement, the BRYTE Bed prototype has seen rigorous testing by Quality Assurance Analysts including performance, durability, connectivity, and reliability, in addition to feature functionality. Rivers Agile’s Quality Assurance and testing directly contributed to BRYTE’s successful marketplace launch in April of 2019 to transform the $49 billion sleep industry.

It’s work, like this, that we take great pride in and it allows us to do what we do best – purposefully craft software solutions. Forward-leaning companies, like BRYTE, continue to drive our success as we grow and it’s an opportunity to help these entrepreneurs and startups overcome the challenging process of turning research discoveries into valuable products and services. By doing so, we create a positive impact within the organizations where we build and test software and strengthen our reputation for excellence. Want to know more about our process? Contact us today.