Do you have an idea for a mobile app but find yourself questioning ‘how do I get started?’ While each type of app has advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to evaluate each scenario to determine the best outcome. For example, would your operations team benefit from key data collected by a mobile workforce? Would your company benefit from on demand mobile billing to replace paper invoices?

Native vs. Hybrid Development

Let’s first define each type of app development at a high level so that you can better identify:

  • How can my organization benefit from the implementation of new mobile apps?
  • What can my organization do to enhance an existing mobile app?
  • Native or hybrid… which is most appropriate for the app I have in mind?

Native App: Written with a specific platform or device in mind, native development typically provides fast performance and a high level of reliability.

Hybrid App: Available for download on a variety of devices, hybrid development generally has a quicker turnaround time since it’s deployed across multi-platforms

Next, let’s put these two types of software application development side-by-side to review the pros and cons of each:

Building Mobile Apps

So how do you choose? Does it make more sense for the software engineering team to develop the app first for the app stores? Or should the team plan for their app based on a framework or web platform? Another thing to keep in mind is you may want to use an approach that evaluates developer experience, adaptability, support for integration as well as your long-term goals for the app. In most cases, it comes down to weighing performance vs. cost. There is actually another type of development that we refer to as native-ish, that I will discuss in an upcoming blog which allows for a compromise of each factor.

When debating native vs. hybrid app development, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Ask for recommendations from your trusted vendor. They can help you to set goals and assist in defining what your audience will be most receptive to.

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