The Create Festival celebrates projects that lead the way in innovation and creativity. Rivers Agile is proud to be a finalist in the Interactive Category for our work with Othot. Vote for our software!

Interactive Predictive Analytics Software

About the Work
Othot has developed breakthrough cloud-based software that makes predictive analytics affordable and easy to adopt for customers who seek data-driven answers to high impact questions such as “what is the likelihood of this prospect to buy?”

They engaged with Rivers Agile to build an interactive, predictive analytics platform that potential clients would find significantly more intuitive and customer-friendly than any other solution on the market. The partnership yielded a seamless front-end for their proprietary data analytics algorithm stack. The teams were able to achieve a balance of minimalistic design and high functionality – making it a user-friendly and powerful tool. The information is presented in a way that allows the data to be easily digested and consumable, which is not a common theme among other predictive analytics engines.

This project launched design and development simultaneously, which can sometimes be a challenge to ensure all project stakeholders are aware of updates at all times. As the development team began a data analysis process, the design team sought inspiration in physical architecture and created mood boards to present to the Othot and Rivers Agile teams. The design decisions were very intentional and were made with data visualization in mind so that users could instantly comprehend what they were seeing on screen, thus building a higher level of trust in the information being delivered to them.