Earlier this year, the Rivers Agile team was lucky enough to witness first-hand the amazing technology that Kaarta has to offer. Kaarta is a Pittsburgh-based startup building hardware devices to map spaces in real time with their mobile indoor mapping technology. Pre-COVID-19 restrictions, the Kaarta team scanned our “office in progress” for insanely accurate measurements and some one-of-a-kind 3D modeling images, like the orbiting aerial view below.

Are you wondering about Kaarta Contour?

It’s more than just an all-in-one 3D mobile color scanning and processing system. Kaarta Contour enables 3D modeling from input to output in real time, offering a significant speed advantage over terrestrial laser scanners along with the flexibility to capture tight and complex spaces. Kaarta’s advances in localization and real-time and on-board processing rapidly and accurately turn the captured data into information that can be used to speed the modeling workflow.

Lightweight and battery–powered, Contour is hand carried through an environment as it scans to generate a 3D map without any additional infrastructure. A typical 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) space can be scanned in about 2.5 hours. Freed from a fixed position tripod, Contour can capture tight and complex spaces never before possible.

Real Life vs. Lidar Scan

Below, we spliced together some actual office photos with the detailed lidar scans from our Kaarta catalog. While the slider images are fun, they are nothing compared to Kaarta’s optimized point cloud. Kaarta Contour’s integrated post-processing enables one-click cleanup of Contour datasets, taking you from a laser accurate real-time point cloud to an optimized, point cloud with incredible clarity and detail. Learn more about Kaarta Contour.

Discover more

We’d love to be able to share our office with the world, but we’ve still got some waiting to do. Until then, enjoy this virtual tour of amazing imagery from the fine people at Kaarta – and remember, we’re here to help you adapt. Rivers Agile can help you stabilize your engineering output, protect your project delivery, and scale your technology to meet increasing and changing demand. We have the ability to tailor these solutions to meet your specific needs, and expert technologists and engineers who can support a variety of solutions. Feel free to reach out to us anytime via our Contact Us page. We’re here to help.

For more information about Kaarta’s products and services, including post-COVID office space planning, visit their website.