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Offering support, guidance, and networking for startups focused on emerging technologies

It’s difficult for many tech entrepreneurs to find their place in the market and get financial traction. Each venture is unique with its own set of challenges to overcome, challenges that can’t be referenced in how-to guides that lead entrepreneurs from start to finish. And considering so many innovative startups hit the market each year, the odds are often stacked firmly against an entrepreneur’s success. Fortunately, there’s help available.

The Rivers Agile Workshop is a business acceleration service for entrepreneurs and startups focused on emerging technologies such as machine learning, financial technology (FinTech) and artificial intelligence. Commercially-viable early-stage companies and startups centered on technology and consumer-focused innovations are encouraged to participate, but must first go through a vetting process that includes screening, due diligence and partnership stages.

Throughout engagement with The Workshop, technology and innovation startups will receive the support they need to develop their commercially- viable technology. Participant technologies will be matured through engineering services with the goal of generating positive returns and innovative outcomes.

“The Workshop offers new startups unimaginable benefits that they would not be able to receive anywhere else,” says Rivers Agile Founder and CEO Ben Wilson. “Many startups struggle in the early stages. The Workshop serves as a springboard entrepreneurs can use to jump ahead of their competition. From exclusive connections to considerable experience, entrepreneurs and innovators are guided through the process of making their emerging business a successful, refundable startup.”

Startups participating in The Workshop gain access to Rivers Agile’s extensive network of investors and venture capitalists, as well as to industry, financial and legal resources that can assist entrepreneurs as they grow their business. There is no one-size-fits-all process when it comes to The Workshop. Instead, an individual’s path is established based on the needs of each business. With tailored services, startups receive the support they need from dedicated professionals who want to see them succeed.

“We’ve been helping entrepreneurs deliver innovative solutions to the market since 2014, and have learned how to help tech entrepreneurs avoid costly missteps,” Wilson says.

The Workshop’s mission is to provide resources to accelerate the pace at which new technological innovations are introduced to the market. That’s done by investing capital into emerging startups, providing business acceleration resources to assist startups in navigating the journey of entrepreneurship, and driving development of prototype or minimum viable product. The process and partnership within The Workshop should ultimately result in a portfolio company with an increased valuation and candidacy for future funding through a subsequent investment via a partner, channel, or other investors. To fulfill this vision, The Workshop provides design strategy, software architecture, software engineering, quality assurance and marketing.

“With decades of experience in product lifecycle, quality assurance and software testing, we’re uniquely positioned to help innovators achieve their strategic vision,” Wilson says. “Workshop participants can lean on our experience and reputation as they grow their startups with full access to our development and quality assurance resources, and network of partners.”

Rivers Agile knows the journey of entrepreneurship can be trying at times. That’s why its created The Workshop: to support entrepreneurs and their team as they grow.

“As machine learning, financial technology and artificial intelligence technologies continue to grow and become essential to everyday life, we saw the need for support and guidance for early-stage companies. We launched The Workshop for anyone who’s leading an emerging business that generates an impact through technology. We want to hear your ideas.”

Share your idea with the Workshop team

Contact a Rivers Agile Workshop specialist at (877) 748-3773 or complete an inquiry. We will collect your contact details, project stage, development needs and anything else relevant to participation. Reach out to our experienced team to start the conversation.

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