What it takes to WIN

And to continue to lead in Pittsburgh’s tech community

Last year, Rivers Agile was nominated for the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s annual Tech 50 Awards, winning Innovator of the Year: Solutions Provider – Services. The Tech 50 Awards celebrate local tech companies of all sizes, highlighting growth and innovation among companies and service providers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. Rivers Agile was honored by the nomination and, more importantly, the title. Yet, this competition brings an important question to the surface – what does it take to win and to continue to lead in Pittsburgh’s tech community?

For Rivers Agile, success in the community as a technology consulting firm has been built on three key pillars: a foundation in quality, talented engineers, and a commitment to forward-thinking innovation. Keep reading to learn what makes local technology consultants the top of their field and how Rivers Agile stands apart.

Foundation in Quality

For technology consultants, expertise comes with years of experience. Rivers Agile launched in 2008 and has provided top-notch Software Development and Quality Assurance services to the Pittsburgh area for almost 15 years. The company’s foundation in quality assurance consulting enables us to drive maximum efficiencies in the agile software development process. Ultimately this ensures we’re aligning with your business vision, goals, and initiatives.

The team at Rivers Agile brings decades of hands-on experience to every project, and our expertise spans the entire product lifecycle. With that experience comes improved collaboration, project management, strategizing, and efficiency. High standards are not met overnight, and our engineers have the skillset and the foundation needed to achieve excellence, enabling the team to grow and evolve with our partners and clients.

Talented Engineers

Expertise comes from quality talent, and Rivers Agile is committed to hiring the best of the best. By nature of the employees we hire and the culture we’ve built, we ensure every member of the project team understands the big picture of the product they are working on, the vision of the client for the product, and the roadmap for delivery. Team members are empowered to contribute to the project during requirements gathering, work definition, story breakdown, and estimation. This establishes buy-in from the team, instills a sense of ownership and ensures decisions can effectively be made by individuals. Each member of the team brings a unique perspective to the table, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone rises together.

Rivers Agile prioritizes this creativity and leadership as well as pragmatic problem solving when recruiting and hiring quality candidates. Team members must take pride in their work and keep an adventurous, risk-taking spirit. Much of technology consulting hinges on a strong, collaborative relationship. By committing to hiring quality talent, Rivers Agile has built a team of professionals that aligns with the strategic vision of their clients while providing innovative solutions.

Commitment to Forward-Thinking Innovation

No company makes it to the top of their field without dedication. As a local technology consulting firm, Rivers Agile is dedicated to seeking innovative, cutting-edge technology and tech partners. That commitment to forward-thinking innovation has allowed the company to remain a leader within the Pittsburgh tech community, fulfilling the area’s need for not only Quality Assurance, but Software Development and Project Management services as well.

Rivers Agile understands that the end goal is much more than a piece of software. We feel that by creating a positive impact within the organizations where we build and test software, we’re able to grow our reputation for excellence. Everything is done locally and in-house, which ensures a high standard of excellence from conceptualization through development and deployment. These forward-leaning products and services will continue to drive our success as we grow our passionate, innovative work and inspired work environment.

Here to stay

Rivers Agile was honored to win Innovator of the Year: Solutions Provider–Services in 2021. We’ll continue to carry the torch as we evolve and improve upon what it means to be technology experts. With a solid foundation, quality talent, and an unwavering dedication to innovation, Rivers Agile has what it takes to remain a leader in the Pittsburgh tech community for years to come. Interested in learning more? Contact us to start the conversation.