Support, guidance, and networking opportunities for startups focused on AI, Machine Learning, and FinTech

Starting a business is hard work. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or stepping out on your first venture, the process is demanding. With so many technology and innovation startups hitting the market each year, it can be even more difficult to find your place in the market and successfully gain funding.

There is no how-to guide to lead entrepreneurs from start to finish. Each business venture and startup is unique, with its own set of challenges to overcome along the way. There are more than 500 million entrepreneurs in the world, and 22.5% of small businesses don’t make it past their first year. So, how can you ensure your startup’s success? Keep reading to learn more about The Workshop and how you can fast-track your innovation to market-ready.

What is The Workshop?

The Rivers Agile Workshop, or The Workshop, is a business acceleration service. This service is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and startups focused on machine learning, financial technology, and artificial intelligence. As these areas of technology continue to grow and become essential to everyday life, The Workshop and its parent company, Rivers Agile, saw the need for support and guidance for early-stage companies.

What early stage companies are of interest to the Workshop?

The Workshop is focused on emerging technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Participants are limited to early-stage companies and startups centered on technology, “technology-oriented,” and consumer-focused innovations. Candidates’ business must be deemed commercially-viable in order to participate because the ultimate goal is to generate revenue and/or adding additional investors throughout the process.

Who does The Workshop serve?

Early stage companies as well as venture capitalists looking for investment opportunities.

How does The Workshop work?

In order to participate in The Workshop, startups must go through a vetting process. This process includes screening, due diligence, and partnership stages. There is no one-size-fits-all process when it comes to The Workshop because engineering services are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each participant.

Throughout engagement with The Workshop, technology and innovation startups will receive the support they need to develop their commercially-viable technology. Participant technologies will be matured through engineering services with the goal of generating positive returns and innovative outcomes. Participants business and innovative technology will be featured in the Workshop Portfolio review meetings.

What benefits does The Workshop provide?

The Workshop offers new startups unimaginable benefits that they would not be able to receive anywhere else. While many startups struggle in the early stages, participants in The Workshop have a launching off point to jump ahead of their competition. From exclusive connections to considerable experience, entrepreneurs and innovators are guided through the process of making their emerging business a successful, refundable startup.

Startups participating in The Workshop gain access to Rivers Agile’s extensive network and resources. Participants are connected to investment and venture capitalists and introduced as innovators in their space. The Workshop provides connections to industry, financial, and legal resources that can assist entrepreneurs as they grow their business.

Each participant has a unique experience when it comes to The Workshop. Instead of providing a generic set of guidelines, The Workshop develops an individual path based on the needs of each business. With tailored services, startups receive the support they need from dedicated professionals who want to see them succeed.

What makes The Workshop unique?

Rivers Agile has been helping entrepreneurs deliver innovative solutions to the market since 2014. During this time, patterns emerged that suggested there are common missteps tech entrepreneurs should be avoiding. Given that many are first-time entrepreneurs, this doesn’t surprise us, but it does necessitate change. We are continually thrilled to be a leading contributor to Pittsburgh innovation that increasingly grows the city’s foothold in tech. We view this as our responsibility and it fuels the mission of the Workshop.

  • Mission

    Our sole purpose is to provide resources to accelerate the pace at which new technological innovations are introduced to the market. We accomplish this by:

    • Investing capital into emerging startups, thus defining a true partnership
    • Providing business acceleration resources to assist startups in navigating the journey of entrepreneurship
    • Driving development of prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Vision

    Our vision for the Workshop concludes that our process and partnership results in a portfolio company that saw increased valuation and candidacy for future funding through a subsequent investment via a partner, channel, or other investors.

    In order to fulfill this vision, the Workshop provides the following services:

    • Design Strategy: Understanding, defining, visually designing the right solution to the right problem
    • Software Architecture: Allowing for both vertical and horizontal scale
    • Software Engineering: Using modern build techniques, using scalable technologies, with best practices
    • Quality Assurance: Ensuring efficient and appropriate feedback allowing for quicker time-to-market with considerably less risk
    • Marketing: Professional and strategic product pitch deck and launch initiatives

    Participants also gain access to the network of financial, industry, and legal resources maintained by Rivers Agile. With decades of experience in product lifecycle, quality assurance, and software testing, the team at Rivers Agile is uniquely positioned to help innovators achieve their strategic vision. Participants in The Workshop can lean on the experience and reputation of Rivers Agile as they grow their startups with full access to the Rivers Agile’s development and quality assurance resources and network of partners.

How do I participate in The Workshop?

Rivers Agile is excited to champion emerging technology startups focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and financial technology. If you are leading (or forming) an emerging business that generates an impact through technology, we want to hear your ideas! We know the journey of entrepreneurship can be trying at times, and we are prepared to support you and your team as you grow your startup.

To share your idea with our team at The Workshop, contact a Rivers Agile Workshop specialist at (877) 748-3773. You can also complete an inquiry here. We will collect your contact details, project stage, development needs, and anything else relevant to participation in The Workshop. We look forward to hearing from you!