Product Roadmap

Build a Foundation for a Successful 2022

Was your 2021 hampered by siloed teams, missed milestones, or the wrong solution? These stumbling blocks are a risk to your organization’s (and your product’s) success. Learn how our product and project management expertise can build the foundation for a successful 2022.

All sectors of the economy have felt the sting of COVID-19, and lasting effects of the pandemic may be here to stay. It’s easy to write off unachieved tech goals or missed deadlines amid a global pandemic. However, these small setbacks will add up considerably in the years ahead. The organizations that will succeed are the ones that can navigate these hurdles and build a strong foundation in 2022.

With the start of a new year, it’s the optimal time for organizations to hit the reset button and make the necessary pivots to achieve success. From organizational structure to big-picture goals, business leaders cannot be afraid to make changes or adjustments. Managing your development team and your product will look different in 2022, and relying on an outside, expert perspective can provide much-needed insight as you prepare for success.

At Rivers Agile, we are prepared to meet the business challenges you’re facing and provide comprehensive technology solutions. Keep reading to learn how we are addressing three common concerns in 2022.

Siloed Teams

One challenge we have seen frequently during the pandemic is siloed teams. Remote work has provided considerable benefits for many organizations and engineers, helping employees stay safe. While the distance is good for physical health, it can cause issues within team velocity. As you continue to progress, your organization’s goals should still focus on increasing productivity, despite the limitations that working remotely may present.

Our project management experts can help your teams get back on track, working in sync and communicating effectively across all channels and all departments. We can help you implement agile processes that encourage your teams to collaborate, improve communication, and constructively exchange ideas. Optimizing your workflow in 2022 by getting rid of silos will establish the foundation your product (or project) team needs to be more efficient and effective, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Missed Milestones

Almost every business has experienced a missed milestone or fallen short of a goal over the last 18 months. There is some comfort in knowing you are not alone, but that does not mean you have to settle. Whether you need to adjust your product management strategy or develop new goals, our team is ready to help you through that process.

We understand how quickly minor missed goals can snowball into major issues that can devastate an entire launch. Relying on the guidance of our product and project management experts can help you recover from these challenges while developing achievable goals for the future. From implementing 2022 technology planning strategies to developing a new product roadmap, we provide solutions customized for your business.

The Right Solution

Heading into this year, there’s a level of cautious optimism as previously frozen tech budgets are expected to thaw (and increase, to heftier pre-pandemic levels). As companies again begin to focus on launching new technology initiatives, they should consider the benefit of methodically defining the right plan and finding the right provider to guide them.

While a vendor may look like a value on paper, they may not be a value in execution. Do your due diligence and partner with a vendor who recognizes your vision, understands your industry and business, and has a reputation for delivery. Rivers Agile has established a culture of “engineering first” – a mindset that affects all parts of software engineering, quality assurance, and project management. As builders of innovation, we take that responsibility seriously. Can your vendor say the same?

Let’s start the conversation about your 2022 plans. Contact Rivers Agile today to learn more about our solutions, including business analysis, product management, and project management. Together, we can build a strong foundation for your success this year.