PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (August 7, 2018) – On August 18th, Rivers Agile will celebrate its tenth anniversary since its founding in 2008 with a simple mission – to provide high-end quality assurance consulting services that were much-needed in Pittsburgh. While their growth continued in the following years, the decision was made in 2014 to begin custom software development, a move that proved to be a tremendous accelerant for the growth and prowess of the company. In the past decade, Rivers Agile has grown from a small Quality Assurance consultancy into a multi-faceted, award-winning, custom software development and strategic consulting team.

As Rivers Agile continues to pave its way toward the future, they have made a commitment to accelerating growth in the Pittsburgh tech community. To reinforce Rivers Agile’s commitment to high-end Quality Assurance, the company will be hosting an anniversary event entitled “QAppy Hour: 10 Years + Beers with Rivers Agile” on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. The celebration will be held at Olive or Twist (140 6th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222) in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District and is an opportunity to celebrate, meetup and network with fellow experienced and passionate Quality Assurance professionals.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the tremendous support of both our skilled team of engineers and testers and our energetic clients who have continue to inspire us over the past decade,” says Ben Wilson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rivers Agile. He adds, “And the best part is, we are still as driven as we were on day one, Rivers Agile will continue to be a leader in innovative software solutions as the tech industry evolves.” Rivers Agile recognizes that rapid evolution of technology, but also sees it as an opportunity for growth as the company is expanding its breadth of service offerings to include Quality Assurance Assessment services. The company was founded upon providing Quality Assurance Consulting services that help our clients, speed time to market, avert risk, and reduce the cost of creating software. Even the most highly-skilled Quality Assurance teams may be hampered by workload, resource constraints, or even training – directly affecting performance, output and efficiency. The Rivers Agile Quality Assurance Assessment helps to minimize issues for delivering quality solutions by reviewing current QA processes, identifying gaps and areas of concern, and providing best practices and recommendations for improvement.

Rivers Agile has had the privilege to engage with Aires, a global relocation company, on a number of design and software development projects, but most recently the Aires team had a goal to improve overall quality throughout the organization’s technical solutions, including the Quality Assurance Assessment. As a summary of the engagement, Vlad Kaminsky (Aires Director of Information Technology and Applications) and Anand Diraviyam (Aires Director of Product Management) ended by saying, “Rivers Agile backed up their recommendations, not only based on their extensive knowledge, but by making specific suggestions that worked for our team and our culture – providing a truly customized solution for our specific needs.”

The addition of the Quality Assurance Assessment is just one of the latest developments in the company’s progress. Over the past decade, Rivers Agile’s has recorded a wealth of innovations and is proud of advancements and contributions such as:

  • Summer 2008: Founder and CEO Ben Wilson launches Rivers Agile QA Consulting
  • Spring 2014: Sustained growth allows Rivers Agile to expand into Software Development services
  • Spring 2015: Service offerings for Strategy, Design and Training are added
  • Fall 2015: Rivers Agile opens new office in Canonsburg’s Ashwood Commons and releases 360fly Director application
  • Spring 2016: Rivers Agile releases PICLIF Memorial application
  • Summer 2016: Rivers Agile builds upon the success of the 360fly Director application and releases full-scale e-commerce solution
  • Spring 2017: Continued growth helps Rivers Agile offer managed QA Automation services
  • Summer 2017: Rivers Agile (with Othot) wins the 2017 CREATE Award for Excellence in Interactive Design
  • Winter 2017: Rivers Agile releases Gemini Shale Solutions water hauling management system
  • Spring 2018: Rivers Agile (with Wellsite Report) is a finalist for the 2018 CREATE Award for Top Interactive Project of the Year
  • Summer 2018: Rivers Agile accelerates Job Growth and expands service offerings for Quality Assurance Assessment, Digital Transformation, Data Visualization and Mobile Workforce

When asked about the company’s current success, Ben remarked, “We don’t just build a piece of software, we partner with our clients to conceptualize and develop real solutions. He continued, “We do everything in-house, with purpose and guided by the standard of excellence set by our company core values.” And that standard of excellence has proven to be award-winning. In June of 2017, Rivers Agile won the 2017 CREATE Award for Excellence in Interactive Design for their work with Othot, receiving the most votes for both the People’s Choice and the Panelists’ Choice. Rivers Agile succeeded in producing a seamless front-end for Othot’s proprietary predictive analytics system. The interface balances minimalistic design with high functionality to allow the data to be easily digested and consumed, making it significantly more intuitive and customer-friendly than any other solution on the market.

As a final thought, Rivers Agile CEO, Ben Wilson added, “Truly, what I’m most grateful for is the collaboration we’ve seen over the past 10 years. Our clients, many of whom I consider friends, share in our success. Whether they’re just starting out as an entrepreneur with an idea or an established business looking to drive innovation, it’s rewarding to help them turn their vision into reality.”


Launched in 2008 as a Quality Assurance consulting firm, Rivers Agile fulfilled the need for first-rate quality assurance services in the greater Pittsburgh area. Proving successful as a boutique firm, Rivers Agile has matured into an end-to-end software solutions provider, focusing mostly on web and mobile technology. Whether it’s defining a new piece of software or refining an existing application or website, they work with clients throughout the entire product lifecycle to help them achieve their strategic vision. Today, Rivers Agile’s foundation in quality is very much alive as they continue to offer Quality Assurance consulting services, but also provide both on-site education and assessments to help clients get the most from their investment in QA personnel and tools. Based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Rivers Agile’s highly-skilled team works with recently funded startups through Fortune 1000 clients and span industries like Healthcare, Energy, Legal, Predictive Analytics, Education, and more.

For media and other inquiries (including interviews), please contact:

Kelley N. Reed, Director of Marketing, 412.353.9303 | kelley@riversagile.com